Student mobility following Russian invasion in Ukraine

Information for mobility with Ukraine

The war in Ukraine causes great concern and a warm wave of solidarity in Flanders. Most of our Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences have a dedicated page for Ukrainian refugees providing information on academic, financial and administrative support.


Universities of Applied Sciences (and Arts)

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Information for mobility with Russia

The Flemish universities and universities of applied sciences have decided that the institutional exchange agreements with the universities that support the Russian invasion in Ukraine will be suspended. However, we continue to welcome individual Russian students who wish to study at a Belgian university/university of applied sciences with a view to obtaining a degree. This policy of hospitality is important because we do not want individual Russian students to fall victim to choices made by the regime. It should be noted that these students can not apply for a scholarship from the Flemish government.

Students who are currently in international mobility in and from Russia should be given the opportunity to complete their academic year in Belgium or in Russia. However, future student exchanges will not be organised as long as the aforementioned universities continue to support the blatant violation of our democratic values.