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A walk in the park, a run after classes, a bicycle ride on the countless tracks on the countryside, ... you will find plenty of options to stay fit and healthy as a student in Flanders or Brussels. In case you fall ill anyway, no worries, Belgium has an excellent healthcare system. Not sure what kind of insurance you need for your stay? Your institution can advise you best.


The Belgian healthcare system is one of the best in Europe. Belgium ranked fifth in the 2018 Euro Health Consumer Index. Belgium spends more than 10% of its GDP on healthcare and the number of hospital beds per 1 000 population is above the EU average (source: The State of Health in the EU. Belgium – Country Health Profile 2019). Flanders and Brussels are also home to pioneering university hospitals and the healthcare industry can count on the presence of a world leading research and development ecosystem. Thanks to the combination of strong academic research, the presence of pharmaceutical companies and intense cooperation, Belgium occupies a prominent position in the development of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Larger Flemish universities have a medical centre for students available. Your institution can recommend doctors used to working with international students and advise you about the best way to book appointments.

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  • Health insurance: Universal coverage is achieved through compulsory health insurance. Students who are EEA nationals should obtain a so-called European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) proving you already have insurance coverage in your home country. Several non-EEA countries also have agreements that cover insurance for the duration of your studies. To find out whether your country has an insurance agreement with Belgium, check the national social security website. Students who are non-EEA nationals should take out a health-insurance policy. With your proof of enrolment, you can subscribe to a health insurance policy at the insurance company of your choice. Health insurance funds will cover around 75% of the costs for doctors, hospitals and clinics; around 20% of prescription costs; basic dental costs.
  • Fire insurance: In case of hiring a student room, check whether fire insurance is included. If not, it is recommended and sometimes required to contact an insurance company to take out insurance for your personal belongings.
  • Civil liability insurance: This kind of private insurance is strongly recommended. You may need it when accidentally injuring someone or damaging someone's property.
  • Occupational accident insurance: In Belgium, it is the company‘s (receiving organization) responsibility to take out work-related accident insurance for trainees. Make sure to bring this up when discussing your traineeship with the host company.
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Check the below pages of your institution to find out about insurance requirements during your stay.