Tuition fees

Access to higher education is highly valued in the Flemish society and all initial bachelor's and master's programmes offered at public higher education institutions are subsidised by the Flemish government. That's why tuition fees are low and you get an excellent price/quality ratio. There are some general guidelines for tuition fees, but all institutions do their own price setting. We advise you to do the check for each study programme you are interested in.

General guidelines

Tuition fees for a full time degree programme of 60 ECTS for academic year 2022-2023:

  • EU/EEA nationals: €979.60
  • For Non-EU/EEA nationals: €979.60 – €8 000, depending on the programme

Students who pay regular tuition fees will probably also have to register for a credit contract or an exam contract:

  • Credit contract: €253.60 fixed fee + €12.10 per study credit (ECTS)
  • Exam contract: €115.80 fixed fee + €4.40 per study credit (ECTS)

Recognized refugees may, in certain cases, qualify for:

  • A reduction in tuition fees (scholarship rate)
  • An exemption from increased tuition fees for non-EEA student

For more information, contact your higher education institution

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Specific guidelines

Please check your specific programme and the institution's guidelines for the exact registration fees. Below, you can find a list with links to the specific tuition-fee page of each Flemish higher education institution.