After the months that I've spend here, I can say that I'm more tolerant, more open minded, learning a lot, being able to work in multicultural teams. This was challenging for me, because in my home university my field is communication and PR, and here business management, and I realised that I can combine them and use it in the future for a career.

Cristiana, Romania

Flanders has a strong, export-oriented, innovation-driven, globalized economy. The port of Antwerp is the second-largest in Europe. Beside big companies, Flanders has more than 600 000 small and medium enterprises, including spinoffs, startups and scaleups. Flanders is also pole of attraction for foreign companies. Thanks to its central location in Europe, our strongly developed infrastructure, our innovative clusters and our efficiency, setting up a business in Flanders takes only four days. Brussels is home to more than 2 000 international businesses and organisations, including NATO and the EU institutions, giving rise to a high number of diplomats and one of the world's largest press communities. What better place is there to find an internship, build a professional network and prepare for a successful career?

Visit Brussel - Jean-Paul Remy ©Visit Brussel - Jean-Paul Remy

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