All five Flemish universities appear in the Times Higher Education top 400 (2020).

Six Flemish higher education institutions are members of the pioneering European Universities Networks.

Seven Belgian universities (Flemish and French-speaking universities combined) are in the top 100 of most innovative universities in Europe (Reuters ranking). This is the highest number per capita of any European country. The Flemish universities have developed many inventions, such as:

  • Genetic transformation of plants
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for securing digital information, e.g. on the internet, smartphones and online banking
  • NarcoReader, an electrochemical sensor for border control to detect drugs, chemicals, explosives
  • Immunotherapy, using the patient’s own immune system to destroy cancer
  • Fibricheck, a smartphone app to check the heart rhythm and detect irregularities

The universities of applied sciences (and arts) offer practice based degrees of high quality, using state-of-the-art teaching methods, including compulsory internships, in Belgium or abroad.

So whether you choose a nearly 600-year old university or a much younger institution, you will receive a world class education, where challenging coursework will put you on the path to excellence.

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Affordable education delivered at a superb quality. The pleasant environment is a nice add-on, especially if you’re into a hearty mix of culture that Brussels can provide.

Daniel, Romania

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