How to apply?

Already checked the admission requirements for your study programme? Then you can start your application process. Each Flemish higher education institution has its own procedures, opening and closing dates for applications, but in general it comes down to the following steps.

Step 1: Online application

Prepare all the documents you need and start an online application via the website of the Flemish university or university of applied sciences (and arts) of your choice. In general, applications at Flemish higher education institutions open around November-December. Some institutions charge an application fee. If this is the case, make sure you pay it on time in order to avoid delays.

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Step 2: Follow up

After you have successfully submitted your online application, some institutions will ask you to send the hard copies of certain documents as well. During the follow up phase, the admissions office of your institution will need some time to check all your documents. In some cases, this may take only four weeks, but in other cases this might as well take a few months. The only thing you can do now is to be patient and wait. If your application is incomplete, the admissions office will contact you and you will be able to add the missing document. So make sure you start well in time before the deadline.

If your application is complete and meets all the requirements, you will receive an admission offer. Don’t forget to accept this offer to receive your official admission letter.

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Step 3: Prepare your stay

Once you have received your official Admission Letter, you can start preparing your stay. You will find more useful information on this website on visa application, scholarships, housing, cost of living, health and insurances, etc.

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Step 4: Registration

Once you have accepted your admission offer, a pre-registration is automatically done for you online. When you arrive in Belgium, you can complete your registration at the enrollment desk of your Flemish university or university of applied sciences (and arts). Welcome!

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Dedicated webpages

You can find application deadlines and more detailed information on the institutional websites below.