Master Mind Scholarships

The call for academic year 2024-2025 is closed

General information

The Flemish Ministry of Education and Training awards scholarships for master's programmes in Flanders and Brussels to outstanding students from around the world. A Master Mind Scholarship includes a grant of €10. 000 + a tuition fee waiver per academic year (60 ECTS). Master Mind Scholarship holders only pay an administrative enrolment fee. The grant is paid in instalments and covers accommodation costs, insurances and a significant amount of their living expenses. If you are interested, you first need to apply to one of the Flemish host institutions that participates in the Master Mind Scholarship Programme.

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  • The duration of mobility is one academic year for a master's programme of 60 ECTS and two academic years for a master's programme of 120 ECTS.
  • The incoming student is awarded a maximum scholarship of €10.000 per academic year according to the details mentioned in the section Payment of the scholarship.
  • If a student completes a one-year Master programme, but does not obtain the Master degree at the end of the academic year in 2025 (July or September) the final installment of €1.500 will not be awarded.
    In case of a two-year Master Programme at least 54 ECTS must be obtained in the first academic year in 2025 (July or September) to be able to receive the final installment of €1.500 of the first year and to be entitled to the scholarship for the second academic year. More information can be found in the section Payment of the scholarship.
    Exceptions to this rule can only be granted by VLUHR in agreement with the hosting institution and the Department of Education and Training.
  • The host institution can ask the applicant for a tuition fee that equals the lowest rate of the yearly tuition fee for a student who receives a study grant from the Flemish government. The rate for the academic year 2024-2025 is €131,50. This rate may increase slightly from year to year.
  • If a student loses his/her scholarship, the student will have to pay the full tuition fee if he/she wants to continue the programme without the scholarship.
  • There are a number of scholarships reserved for students from certain countries: Japan (3), Mexico (3), Palestine (2) and USA (5). These countries are priority countries for the Flemish government.
  • If a scholarship is not taken up, it is awarded to the candidate ranked highest by the Flemish selection committee.
  • Students should not combine this scholarship with another scholarship from the Flemish government or an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship.
  • Upon completion of the mobility, all students are expected to submit an essay and fill in a short questionnaire about their mobility.
  • A maximum of 20 applications can be submitted per Flemish higher education institution.